Matt Owen

Matt OwenMatt “Buckshot” Owen could feel the intensity as he stepped up to the plate. It was the last game of the tournament, the ninth inning and two outs. The score was tied and he was the last hope for victory. After already playing two full games, pitching nearly a no-hitter in one, Matt was fatigued beyond belief. But, as the crowd chanted his nickname, he felt the weight of the moment upon his shoulders and was determined to succeed.

The pitcher reared back and sent the ball toward him fiercely. Matt swung with power and might and sent the ball into the dusky sky. He watched it soar beyond the outfield, over the fence and then gone. They had won! All Matt could hear, amidst the whistles and cheers, was the familiar cry of “Bucky!”

Who Is Buckshot?

What began as a small resemblance to a baseball player named Bucky Owens became a term of endearment for those who know Matt Owen. But for Matt, the nickname Buckshot has become synonymous with his determined attitude.

It mirrors what people truly see in him–a drive and passion to be the best in everything he takes on in life, from his business to active lifestyle.

Driven Lifestyle

If there’s one thing that fuels Matt’s determination to get more out of life, it’s the Florida lifestyle. He often makes time to enjoy the pristine waters on a fishing trip or cruising expedition. Of course, the only place he avoids water is when he’s golfing on one of the premier courses in the area. But Matt also looks for opportunities to help his community through such organizations as the United Way, Easter Seals and Toys for Tots. When he wants to relax, he’ll cruise down to the Keys and take in the beauty that abounds.

A Local’s Vantage

Matt’s trademark drive to go above and beyond is most seen as a real estate professional. He sees every opportunity to serve his clients as a chance to exceed their expectations and provide stellar results. Matt never hesitates at the chance to step up to the plate and help his clients with their buying or selling needs.

There for You

From start to finish, Matt is determined to see you through the real estate process. He goes the extra mile to ensure you’re making wise decisions that will positively impact you now and in the future. While drawing on his degree in finance, he negotiates on your behalf and educates you about the myriad of mortgage options, outlining every aspect for you and your family.

If you’re in the market for a new home or looking to sell your existing property, make sure you have a real estate professional driven to exceed your goals. When you’re ready, Determination Starts Here. Call Matt Owen and let him help you make the most of your real estate opportunities.

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